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Audex Company Joins Crowe Global

The board of the international audit network Crowe Global has approved Audex as a full member in Russia. Now the interests of the network in Russia are represented by 3 organizations, 2 of which are located in Moscow.
The company “Audex” has been successfully operating in the audit and consulting market for 25 years, and joining one of the leading global networks is proof of the impeccable reputation of the company and the quality of its services, which have been confirmed by three quality checks over the past year.
Crowe Global is known worldwide as an audit network, which is included in the TOP 10 international associations of auditors and consultants. The arrival of a new network in the region provides customers with a wider choice among international audit companies. This is especially true for foreign shareholders of companies.
“Membership in Crowe Global is a strategic partnership. For our customers and employees it is access to a new international level, access to advanced technologies, experience and resources of all member companies. I also hope this is a contribution to increasing the investment attractiveness of the Republic of Tatarstan. For Networks are a replenishment in a large family by a company located in a key region of Russia, ”said Airat Gimadutdinov, Managing Partner of Audex.
According to International Accounting Bulletin, Crowe Global ranks 8th in the world ranking of audit organizations. As of December 31, 2018, Crowe Global brings together 220 member firms with a combined turnover of $ 4.3 billion.