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Audex has strengthened the position of one of the largest audit teams

The RAEX Agency (RAEX-Analytics) published a rating of audit companies for the year 2018. The Audex company entered the TOP-35 of the largest Russian audit teams and networks and took the 32nd line.

In general, according to RAEX, the total revenues of the TOP-100 audit organizations increased by 9% to 39 billion rubles. The revenue from audit (mandatory and initiative audit, as well as related services) in the ranking of organizations for the year increased by 13.6%. The Audex company also showed growth and entered the TOP 20 list of the largest audit teams and networks in terms of audit revenue.

“The rating for 2018 showed that Audex strengthened its position as one of the largest audit teams in Russia. In addition to the audit, excellent results were shown in such areas as appraisal, tax consulting, IT services - we are in the TOP 20 for each of these. This year, the Company celebrates its anniversary: ​​we have been in the audit and consulting market for 25 years, and the rating is a confirmation of our reputation as a steadily growing company. We will continue to develop in a given vector, ”commented Ayrat Gimadutdinov, CEO of Audex, on the results.

Audex company in RAEX rankings by the end of 2018:

- 32 place "The largest audit teams and networks"

- 20th place "The largest audit teams and networks in terms of revenue from audit"

- 40th place “The largest audit organizations” (ACC “Audex”)

- 30 Largest audit organizations in terms of revenue from audit (ACC “Audex”)

- 28th place “Auditor organizations ranked by revenue from mandatory audit”

-17 place "Tax Consulting"