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Audex Managing partner receives a Letter of Praise From the Mayer of Kazan

2.jpg In the beginning of October,  Managing partner of Audex, Ayrat Gimadutdinov, was recognized by the Mayor of Kazan for taking a proactive stance on and making a significant contribution to charity work in the city of Kazan. The Letter of Praise was received as a part of a city social event.     

Audex is the largest company in the region which has a population of 30 million people and is a Top 30 auditing company in Russia. Audex has focused on corporate social responsibility for many years. The company’s motto is “Give more value”; this approach means that Audex seeks to give more value to both its clients and its employees. Also this is a key principle that guides other social projects, such as helping underprivileged members of the society.

This is not the first time the company has been recognized for such work. In the past, Audex was awarded a special prize by the Russia Managers Association for outstanding performance in developing a charity fund. Also, the company was nominated along with Kazan State University for implementing the project entitled The Integration Of Theory and Practice Into Student Instruction.

“To be socially responsible means to find pleasure in the work you are doing,” says Ayrat Gimadutdinov. “I believe that the greater benefit a person brings into society, the more successful he becomes. Moreover, it positively affects the company’s reputation and the brand itself. For all of these 22 years we’ve been practicing these principles and believe they have significantly contributed to the company’s development.”