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Audex participated in the conference held by self-regulatory organization “Russian Union of Auditors”.

Practical conference “Implementation of international audit standards” was held on May 18 in Kazan organized by self-regulatory organization “Russian Union of Auditors”. (SRO RUA)

On 1 January 2017, 30 international audit standards (IAS) were introduced in Russia. On the initial stage of implementation of IAS in audit both auditor and auditees have many questions, which must be clarified. Due to the new requirements, SRO RUA organizes regional training conferences targeted at methodological support for SRO members.

The conference in Kazan numbered around 70 auditors and managers of Kazan audit companies. Lyudmila Kozlova, Chairman of the SRO RUA Management Board, opened the event. Later the representatives of Federal Treasury and experts of leading Russian audit companies presented their reports. Various pressing issues were considered, such as new rules for audit reports, step-by-step plans for transition to IAS, IAS novation, and prospects of external control development when transferring to IAS.

Ayrat Gimadutdinov, Managing partner of Audex, made a closing word: “Changes are coming in the nearest future, thus profession “auditor” is at a tipping point. Due to events like this conference, auditors have an opportunity to receive answers to contentious issues from leading experts of Russia. Consummate professionals can alter their methods of work and take a full advantage of changes. I am sure that all the changes will enhance prestige of auditors”.

For reference: 2 141 audit organizations and 10 019 are members of SRO RUA. The goal of SRO RUA is providing conditions by SRO RUA members for audit activities, defense of rights and legitimate interests of SRO RUA members, facilitation for audit profession development and improvement, increase of professional potential of auditors.