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Ayrat Gimadutdinov, Managing partner of Audex, elected into the Board of SRO “Russian Union of Auditors”

SRO “Russian Union of Auditors” (RUA) held an ordinary reporting General meeting on 30 May. 6713 members of SRO RUA came to Moscow from 77 regions of the Russian Federation to participate at the meeting, where they reviewed the work of SRO in 2016 and approved the area of priorities for 2017-2018.

This was the first General meeting of SRO RUA after the two associations “Russian Collegium of Auditors” and “Moscow Audit Chamber” merged.  The Board made a report on the work done, and the participants of the General meeting adopted changes in the Charter and other normative documents. SRO RUA’s area of priorities for 2017 -2018 was also approved, and that is protection of rights of the association members, assistance to a legislative process, development of international relations and enhancing the prestige of the auditor’s profession in Russia.

Special emphasis was placed on consideration of the Bank of Russia offer. This offer concerns amendments into the Federal Law “On Auditing”, which would entail stricter requirements to audit activities. As the result of the discussion, a Working group was established, which will prepare a consolidate view of SRO RUA members in order to present it at the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.

Furthermore, the Board was elected at the meeting. Ayrat Gimadutdinov, Managing partner of Audex, was appointed Member of the new Board.