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CEO Audex participated in the meeting of the public organizations with Vladimir Putin.

During the trip to the republic of Tatarstan  the President of the RF, Vladimir Putin,  met with the members of public for discussion of the national project « Residence and urban environment».

During more than 2 hours, the representatives of the public organizations and business had been discussing the issues of residence, provision of amenities and development of the urban environment.

Ayrat Gimadutdinov, managing partner of Audex and the chairman of the Public chamber of the Republic of Tatarstan, told the President about the «National control» project, as being an effective gear of public control in different spheres, primary in the sphere of provision of amenities in the place of residence, and  he proposed to extend the successful experience to the whole country. Putin mentioned that the feedback issue is extremely important and ordered to consider the possibility of the expansion of this project in other regions.