Company of leaders is the company of the future!


Company of leaders is the company of the future!

XVII Audex conference took place 4 March 2017, with the management and staff as participants. The management of the company and departments provided their reports on the progress over the previous year and announced company’s goals for the upcoming period.  

The main thesis of the session was: “Developing leadership!”. Consolidation of leader positions is one of the key vectors for development of the company in 2017. “In order to achieve this goal, we came up with the decision that every employee in our company is a leader. Everyone is on his or her place; there are no insignificant people. Moreover, in our company, we have various roles and responsibilities rather than positions” – Ayrat Gimadutdinov, Managing partner of Audex, stated in his report.

Later at the conference the results of the essay contest for the staff “Corporate volunteering – involvement of employees in social projects” were announced.  In their essays, the employees represented not only social programs projects but also showed how some of them had been implemented. As the outcome of the contest, an initiative-volunteering group was created. This group will plan and arrange social events.

 “By morphing our mentality into leadership and responsibility, by aspiring to do our business in the best possible way, we take the shortest way to achieve our goals in life. Let us develop our leadership together!” – Ayrat Gimadutdinov completed the conference.

Audex is one of the leading audit-consulting companies of Russia that offers a comprehensive range of services in audit, consulting, accounting, assessment and IT. The company is included in Russia’s TOP-30* audit-consulting companies and is one of the leading in Tatarstan in offering audit services (according to “Kommersant-Dengi” («Коммерсант-Деньги») magazine).