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XX Annual «Crowe Audex» сonference


On April 10, the company's anniversary conference was held under the slogan "Give to Receive".

The reporting event has been held annually for 20 years and gathers all employees of the «Crowе Audex» Group of companies. Traditionally, directors report on the results of the past year, identify the current plans and award outstanding employees. The conference for the company is an occasion to discuss solutions together and enjoy the victories. This year, the conference gathered more than 80 employees.

2020 has become a year of strength testing. Despite the self-isolation, our largest area – audit-showed an increase of 5%. In the conditions of self-isolation, starting from the end of March, the department's employees switched to remote work on conducting audits. New approaches were also introduced in the provision of consulting services.

This year, the conference was held under the slogan "Give to receive". For 27 years, the company has been growing and developing following this approach. The year 2021 is marked by the development strategy "The Art of Making the Right Decisions", which opens up opportunities for ambitious goals, growth and development of both the company and employees.