IFRS services

IFRS services

Crowe Audex has successful experience of project execution based on consolidated IFRS accounting.

Financial audit

Conversion of financial statements

IRFS accounting

Outsourcing for IFRS accounting

What are advantages of IFRS accounting?

  • Increasing of quality of accounting and managing records system.
  • Deep understanding of the real value of your business.
  • Attraction of private foreign investments.
  • Improvement of reputation and public image.
  • Registration of IPO.
  • Building trust-based relationships with banks, investors and clients.
  • Compliance to the legislation of the Russian Federation.


  • IFRS accounting reports;
  • reduction of costs for creation and support of IFRS department;
  • typical solutions and work materials for further self-preparation of reports;
  • free consulting about most complex questions of reporting and methodology;
  • less time spent on conversion of financial statements and knowledge of IFRS reports.
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Crowe Audex performs audit of separate and consolidated financial statements based on IFRS in compliance with IAS. 

You get audit report including auditor's opinion. 

We perform audit in compliance with the IFAC's Code of Ethics and requirements of the ISQC 1 quality control standard. 

For the clients who order audit reports for the companies participating in world rankings we offer common projects with our international partners. Due to such collaboration our clients get best value for money. 

Apart from the accounting audit, in some cases (depending on the requirements of the users of accounting reports) it is recommendable to conduct a review of accounting reports. Unlike audit, review provides limited level of assurance in plausibility of the accounting reports. At the same time, such level of assurance implies comparatively less number of procedures in comparison with audit. It influences the timeframe and the cost of review.


Basing on the accounting reports prepared in compliance with the Russian Accounting Standards, accounting analytical data, accounting and other non-accounting information provided by the client, we render services of preparation (compilation) of financial statements in compliance with IFRS:

Crowe Audex performs compilation of separate and consolidated financial reports. Results of conversion are presented in a report with financial statements prepared in compliance with the task, conversion tables served as the basis for the reports, with the explanations to the adjustments introduced in course of preparation of the report.

Conversion (compilation) of financial statements does not include its audit and assessment of its plausibility. However, users of the compilation financial statements  get some advantages when it comes to the usage of such reports, as they are performed by a competent and scrupulous professional organization that bears professional responsibility for results. 


We offer to help you with organization of accounting system that prepares separate and consolidated financial reports in full compliance with the IFRS.

Creation of IFRS accounting consists of the following stages:
  • elaboration of reporting forms;
  • elaboration of accounting policy;
  • elaboration of card of accounts;
  • elaboration of analytical register books;
  • elaboration of workflow system and regulations;
  • elaboration of terms of reference for automation and a variety of other aspects.


We offer maintenance of accounting records for small business, departments and branches.

As a client of Crowe Audex, YOU GET:
  • preparation of tax and accounting statements;
  • preparation of IFRS reports tailored to your needs;
  • free consulting of high-skilled specialists, who have international certificates and science degrees.

In the present time the accounting department works with several foreign companies and branches.