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Audit according to the Russian Accounting Standards (RAS)

Audit according to the Russian Accounting Standards (RAS)

Why Crowe Audex?

  • More than 26 years' experience in audit and consulting market.
  • The largest audit and consulting company in the Volga Federal District: more than 500 companies annually choose us to conduct their audit.
  • We have more than 90 members in our staff, most of them are qualified auditors, consultants and lawyers, have science degrees and rewards.
  • We have favourable opinions about the results of external control of the Federal Service for Fiscal and Budgetary Supervision.
  • We guarantee confidentiality of your data.
  • We provide maintenance during all the agreement period.

Audit is an independent examination of accounting records of the auditee conducted in order to give opinion about the fairness of such records.
The objective of audit is to express professional opinion about the fairness of accounting reports of the auditee for the given period in any significant extents.

Our clients value professional competence of our specialists, their interpersonal skills and effective interaction, results of provided services and additional benefits that our clients can get along with the services.

The main professional competences of our specialists are:

  • specificity and practical applicability of recommendations;
  • accuracy of information in audit reports;
  • multivariance of solutions for problematic issues and offer of the best alternative;
  • knowledge of field specificity of the auditee;
  • creative approach and in-depth analysis of problems;
  • package approach and in-depth study of the subject;
  • ability to forsee and predict changes in legislation and offer precautions aimed to avoid (minimize) errors;
  • detection of tax risks and reserves for tax optimization in course of audit.

Interacting with clients, our specialists demonstrate openness, equitability of mind, interpersonal skills, attention, build up kind and trust-based relations, show flexibility, prompt attention to matters, approachability, flexibility and proactiveness in taking decisions involving human factor.

We use comprehensive approach to solve problems and get most effective results for our clients. Particularly, we involve tax and accounting consultants, lawyers, appraisals and specialists in corporate management in our work.

To make our services even more effective, we regularly identify the needs of our clients and their comments on it are highly important for us.

Having experience in project work with largest Russian and international audit companies, we can assure our clients that our opinions and recommendations are based on the best international practices and standards.


During the audit our specialists will also try to detect all possible tax risks, inform about their consequence, recommend you how to minimize them and their further exclusion and also impart their knowledge to specialists of the audited organization. 

Our leading specialists take part in seminars and professional courses for clients or invite them to trainings held in Crowe Audex. 

During the audit we provide ongoing consulting, including questions not related strictly to the audited period. In the time between audits our specialists provide maintenance, that includes accounting and tax consulting. Our clients also can get a monthly informing about the latest changes in accounting and tax legislation with the comments of our specialists and experts as well as free participation in our webinars. 

To lower labour-input and cost of services we elaborated and implement new audit automation software Audit Standard. Our specialists have it on their laptops and the programme can be integrated into many accounting programmes, including 1C.  

We also elaborated unique service WEBTESTMASTER that helps to test accountants, auditors and lawyers and extent professional knowledge of our specialists.

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Victor Timohin
Victor Timohin
Director of Audit