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Apartment valuation

Apartment valuation

Apartment valuation involves valuation of market value of the apartment in primary and secondary market.

Why Crowe Audex?

  • Comprehensive assistance.
  • Free consulting.
  • We earned the trust of the largest banks and agencies of Kazan and Tatarstan.
  • Accreditation in the open joint-stock company "Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency".
  • We work with automated system of reporting, which accelerates the valuation process.


  • Our guarantee that your valuation report will be accepted by the bank.
  • Correction and modification of the report upon the request of the bank.
  • We earned the trust of the banks as we work with all the banks of Kazan and Tatarstan and know all their requirements.
  • We will prepare the valuation report (including photo shoots) for you within 1 working day.
  • Payment on delivery.

Apartment valuation is most demanded in cases of applying for mortgage, property disputes of private individuals, prenuptial agreements etc.

Property valuation can be obligational and optional.

According to the Law about valuation activity (Federal Law No 135 dated July 29th, 1998) the valuation of the market price of the object is compulsory:

  • in case of defining the price of objects that belong to the Russian Federation, territorial entities of the Russian Federation or municipalities, their trust or lend-lease;
  • in case of mortgage for natural persons and legal entities in case of disputes on the cost of subjects of the mortgage;
  • for prenuptial agreements and partition of property of the divorcers when it is enforced by one of the parties or both parties in case of dispute on value of the property;
  • as part of taxpaying control in case of disputes on taxation of the calculable base.

Cost of the service starts from 2,000 roubles.

We will determine the cost of business valuation on our free consultation.