Business valuation

Business valuation

Business valuation involves valuation of shares, interests in share capital of enterprises and ongoing business.

Why Crowe Audex?

  • Vast experience of valuation in different spheres of economics.
  • Aimed to improve the quality of assessment, our appraisals closely collaborate with other high-qualified specialists: auditors, lawyers, economists and consultants.
  • Comprehensive assistance.
  • Free consulting.
  • Prior approval of valuation outcomes.


  • Getting preliminary information and prior study of the subject of valuation, negotiations on conditions of valuation, such as dates and terms. 
  • Comprehensive analysis of the corresponding market. 
  • Analysis of financial and operating activity of the subject of valuation. 
  • Preparing necessary information for valuation, such as: accounting records and and financial statements, information about the shares. 
  • Choosing a valuation method and calculation.
  • Transfer of the summary report to you.

Valuation is performed in full compliance with the Federal Law about valuation activity and Federal Valuation Standards.

Business valuation service starts from 30,000 roubles.

Precise cost of the service depends on the amount of the enterprise and its assets. We will determine the cost of business valuation on our free consultation.