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Liquidation of legal entities

Would you like to close down your company legally, within the shortest possible period of time and without any problems? Let specialists with years of experience do it for you!

Liquidation of legal entity is a legal procedure aimed to termination of activity of a legal entity without universal succession of its rights and obligations to other persons (according to the paragraph 1, article 61 of the Civil code of the Russian Federation).
Crowe Audex provides a full range of services connected with liquidation of legal entities.

Why Crowe Audex?

  • Comprehensive assistance in all the procedure of liquidation of a legal entity.
  • Free consulting in the course of all the period indicated in the service contract.
  • Unconventional approach to solving problems that can arise in the process of liquidation.
  • High-qualified specialists with long-term experience.

Ordering our service, you get:

  1. Consulting about all questions related to he service.
  2. Preparation of all the necessary documents for liquidation of a legal entity (records of extraordinary meetings of shareholders/participants, applications, notifications etc.)
  3. Representation and comprehensive assistance in the registering authority, notary office  in the course of liquidation of legal entities.
  4. Assistance for preparing intermediate liquidation balance sheet.
  5. Cancelation of shares (for joint-stock companies).

Cost of service is from 25,000 roubles.

Precise cost for liquidation of legal entities is calculated by mutual agreement of the parties.

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Takhir Samiev
Takhir Samiev
Project manager for corporate practice