Registration (creation) of legal entities

Registration (creation) of legal entities

Registration (creation) of a legal entity is a legal procedure of state registration in a particular legal structure (Limited liability company, joint-stock company etc.) with the purpose of creation of a separate (independent) subject of commercial/non-commercial activity.

Ordering this service in Crowe Audex, you get:

  • Preparation of all necessary documentation for registration (creation) of legal entity.
  • Assistance in notary office, in the course of attestation of applicant's signature for Application in the form P11001 for registration (creation) of a legal entity (in case if the documents to registering authority are transferred by a representative).
  • Representation and comprehensive assistance in a registering authority in the course of transfer and receiving of documents for registration (creation) of a legal entity.
  • Verbal consulting about the questions related to registration (creation) of a legal entity.
  • Notification about assignment of statistics code in Rosstat (Russian Federal State Statistics Service).
  • Making up a corporate seal.

  Cost of service for registration of a legal entity (Limited liability company) is 5,500 roubles.*

*except for joint-stock companies and non-commercial organizations.

 **Additional costs  not included in the cost of the service require additional payment: notary fees for attestation of applicant's signature - 1,000 roubles, notarized power of attorney - 1,000-1,500 roubles, copy of notarized power of attorney - 100 roubles, official fee for creation of a legal entity - 4,000 roubles, making up a corporate seal - 350 roubles are paid by the client.

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