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Reorganization of legal entities

Reorganization of legal entities (the merger, affiliation, division, branching off, transformation) is a legal procedure aimed to optimize, restructure and achievement of other commercial goals and results in society. Reorganization of legal entities is conducted in the following way: affiliation, division, merger, branching off and transformation.

Why Audex?

  • 100% guaranty of (if there are no refusals from registering authorities) conducting of the procedure of reorganization of legal entity.
  • Comprehensive assistance of all the procedure of reorganization of a legal entity.
  • Unconventional approach to solving tasks and problems that can arise in the process of reorganization.
  • Free consulting in the course of all the period indicated in the service contract.
  • High-qualified specialists with long-term experience.

Ordering the service of reorganization of legal entities in Audex, you get:

1. Consulting about all the questions related to the service.
2. Preparation of all necessary documents for reorganization of your company:
  • Records (decisions) of the general meeting of the participants of the reorganized companies
  • Regulations of the reorganized companies;
  • Notifications about reorganization to the registering authority;
  • Reference form of notification of reorganization for your creditors;
  • Publication of reorganization note in the magazine "Vestnik gosudarstvennoi registratzii" (State registration Gerald) twice (once a month each one);
  • Set of documents for applying to the registering authority on the final stage of the reorganization procedure.
3. Comprehensive representation of client’s interests in the registering authority during all the reorganization procedure.
4. Notary assistance for the reorganization procedure.
5. Cancellation of shares (in case of winding-up during reorganization - in the process of the reorganization of joint-stock companies).
6. Notification about assignment of statistics code in Rosstat (Russian Federal State Statistics Service) for a recreated legal entity.
7. Making up a corporate seal.

Cost of service is from 30,000 roubles (500 USD).
Precise cost for reorganization of legal entities is calculated by mutual agreement of the parties.

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Takhir Samiev
Takhir Samiev
Project manager for corporate practice