‘1C: Enterprise’ Software

‘1C: Enterprise’ Software

Flexibility of 1C: Enterprise platform enables use of 1C in the most diverse functional areas:

  • automation of manufacturing and trading enterprises, governmental organizations and financial institutions, catering businesses etc
  • operational management support
  • automation of administrative and operational activities
  • maintenance of accounting records with multiple charts of accounts and user-defined valuation techniques, statutory reporting
  • broad capabilities for management accounting and development of analytic reports, maintenance of accounts in multiple currencies
  • solutions for planning, budgeting and financial analysis
  • payroll accounting and human resource management
  • other application areas

Services offered:

Presentation and selection of 1C products

Specialists of the automation department will identify the most appropriate 1C solution according to the specifics of your business. We will also arrange a presentation of 1C products so that our clients could visually assess the capabilities of any given configuration.

Setting up 1C

Our specialists will make all necessary settings of 1C applications starting from input of opening balances to design of specific documents and reports not included in  typical configurations.

Customization of configurations

According to user’s request, we implement changes and modifications to configurations. In the course of this service, we take into consideration the specifics of accounting processes of organization by modification and implementation of necessary corrections to operating functions of the software.

Project work and implementation

Consulting services involving implementation of large projects consist of staged works of specialists in installation and setting of 1C system, creation of test and operational databases, switching database into full-scale operational use, training of users, post-project maintenance.  It provides for effective control over process of implementation as well as for introduction of necessary adjustments and coordination of the work performed.

Maintenance and support

1C software maintenance is provided on hourly base or monthly fee service. Monthly fee service includes consultancy on automated systems of accounting, inventory management and payroll. The service can be provided on-site with client’s equipment as well as remotely.

Training of users and administrators

Automation department provides training on every 1C application. Training is performed by the specialists of our company. We offer individual approach to every client.

Informational and technical support (ITS)

1C: ITS system offers you a plenty of useful services intended to increase usability, reliability and effectiveness of your work with 1C software. Especially for you ITS system offers news, comments and professional advise by experts in financial and tax accounting and personnel record-keeping, recommendations on taxation issues, step-by-step guidance on their entry into accounting system, instructions on filling of financial and tax reports, reports on social insurance contributions and electronic filing of statutory reports to supervising authorities. By using of information system 1C: ITS, you can constantly improve your qualification, save your time on solving everyday problems and use 1C software in most effective manner.