Acronis backup and disaster recovery software

Acronis backup and disaster recovery software

Automation department of Audex offers you a new solution for your business – a specialized software applications for data backup and recovery presented by the Russian company Acronis. This solution ensures flawless operating of your company with regardless of force majeure situations.

Why do you need data backup and disaster recovery system?

  • In the course of daily routine, you may occasionally face the problem of losing your data partly or entirely as a result of computer breakdown or attacks of malicious software. In order to avoid the risk of losing the business-critical data you need to take care of security of your information beforehand. We suppose that you, as a professional, have already considered if your information is protected fairly well.

Why Acronis?

  • Acronis software products are based on the most modern technology protected by more than 50 patents and recognized today as the most user-friendly and innovatory of all existing data protection technologies.

  • While copying, the software saves only changed data, that enables to significantly reduce the time of data backup as well as to save resources of network and data storage.

  • It becomes possible to recover whole information on user’s computer or a server with the undamaged data on the same or other device in only a few minutes. It’s also possible to recover files, folders or applications from the same backup archive in the shortest time.

  • User-friendly interface and operating procedures of the software enable the users to recover files, folders or the whole system without assistance of administrator or long-term training.

What information can we save?

  • Databases

  • Commercial secret information

  • User documents

  • Mail server data and other confidential information

  • Whole information stored on computer