Legal assistance in HR recordkeeping

Legal assistance in HR recordkeeping

Our legal specialists will handle all the matters related to legal assistance of HR recordkeeping of your enterprise.

This service is suitable for all types of enterprises including those with no HR department or if there is no employee (an accountant, secretary or other part-time employee) who would perform the functions of an HR specialist.

Legal assistance in HR recordkeeping of enterprises includes:

  • Registration and recordkeeping of labour contracts and additional agreements.
  • Employee data card maintenance.
  • Employee leave schedule, leave management.
  • Elaboration of orders and other compulsory HR recordkeeping documents, legal assistance in hiring, relocation and dismissal of employees.
  • Assistance in bringing employers to disciplinary responsibility and responsibility for damage.
  • Recommendations about execution and maintenance of labour books.
  • Consulting about application of provisions of labour law.
  • Consulting about other matters that directly influence workflow of enterprises.

Concluding a contract for HR outsourcing gives you the following advantages:

  • optimization of HR recordkeeping;
  • establishing of proper form of labour relations between employers and employees;
  • release of labour resources that enforces them to perform their direct functions;
  • minimization of potential risks of administrative liability of employers.

  • Work experience

    Our specialists regularly upgrade their existing qualification on professional courses of "HR recordkeeping and labour relations" and have a vast experience in conducting similar procedures on other enterprises. It makes their recommendations to be highly effective.

    We are always willing to meet you in order to discuss our offer and answer all your questions.