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Reconstruction of HR recordkeeping "Kadrovik+"

Legal department offers a new service of HR recordkeeping reconstruction. It becomes more relevant as the level of administrative liability for labour violation increased significantly from January 1st, 2015.

Reconstruction of HR recordkeeping will allow you to keep HR paperwork in compliance with the current labour and tax legislation, create optimized HR recordkeeping system, use labour recourses of your enterprise efficiently and reduce possible potential risks of administrative liability for labour violation.

Restoration of HR recordkeeping and labour relations documentation process include the following steps:

  1. Legal appraisal of HR recordkeeping and execution of labour process papaerwork
  2. Elaboration of compulsory documents for HR recordkeeping
  3. Elaboration of labour contracts and job descriptions
  4. Elaboration of compulsory local normative acts within the labour law as well as non-compulsory ones tailored to a particular enterprise
  5. Consulting about implementation of HR recordkeeping  system on enterprises
  6. Legal assistance in labour legislation and HR recordkeeping matters 
  7. Presentation of normative legal acts regulating HR recordkeeping of enterprises (if necessary)

With the service "Kadrovik +" you get an additional bonus: free participation in seminars and webinars of Audex during 3 months since the date of signing of the service agreement.

Our specialists regularly upgrade their qualification on professional courses "HR recordkeeping and labour relations", have a vast experience in conducting similar procedures on other enterprises and favourable references for the work done.

We are always willing to help you with your challenges.