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Services in transfer pricing

Crowe Audex offers a unique program of implementation of internal control system of prices in related party transactions

  • Implementation of internal control system of transfer pricing
  • We offer you a free month after-training consulting on application of transfer pricing legislation
  • During a month employees will be able to get additional online training on relevant tax questions and also to get direct e-newsletters with reviews of the latest changes in tax legislation with our expert comments

Apart from the program of implementation of internal control system Crowe Audex offers the following services in transfer pricing:
  1. Consulting about listing of companies' related persons
  2. Elaboration (adaptation) of internal documentation in compliance with new regulations of transfer pricing control
  3. Consultations about the procedure of conclusion (amendment) of  agreements with contract partners
  4. Notification of related-party transactions
  5. Preparation of transfer pricing documentation with justification for market nature of prices applied for tax purposes
  6. Accompanying of special inspections conducted by the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation on related-party transactions
  7. Assistance in settlement of disputes arising as a result of tax audit